EAA Internship & Mentor Program

What level of education do I need to apply for the EAA Intern and Mentor program?

Personal Trainers can only attend an EAA internship if they have completed their certificate 4 in fitness through their registered course provider. 

Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist Students can only attend an EAA internship if they have completed 2 years of study through their registered university.

How many hours a week is the internship?

You can’t put a time limit on your own learning, we want our students to liaise with their coach. As long as both parties agree that they can add value or contribute within the facility, their time within the 8 weeks is unmeasurable.

Who can run the Internship?

The EAA internship program is led by EAA accredited coaches only.

How many interns can I work with at a time?

The EAA has limited the number of interns you can work with per semester at 2 per coach. This extends to EAA accredited facilities, meaning every coach as part of a facility program can work with a maximum of 2 internship students. The EAA works alongside University Trimesters meaning each EAA facility or coach can work with 2 new students upon commencement of the proceeding semester.

Does the EAA create the program?

The EAA assists each coach in the requirements of the internship program. Our coaches are given the results of the Internship exam from each student, they are passed on feedback and given information in which the students need to learn.


Our coaches are given course material in which students need to cover in regards to their exam results meaning every internship is specifically targeted to them. This creates the most beneficial and time efficient internship within Australia.

Why is this a paid program?

This contribution goes towards assessment of our accreditation, to the markers and to the coaches for their time and expertise. This information is then collated, analysed, assessed and finally forwarded to our coaches which gives them real feedback on how to teach you. Our interns then have the potential to learn exactly what they need to learn in order to succeed in the industry. This contribution brings financial circulation to the exercise industry, raising the worth of our coaches and presence as an industry.

What is the vision for the program?

The vision for our interns is to have an unforgettable experience learning from incredible coaches. They walk away with great value, greater confidence in their coaching ability and real time knowledge that universities alone can not offer. 


The vision for our coaches is an invaluable network and potential employee for your business. You have someone who is theoretically knowledgeable and practically capable to run consultations with your clients, patients and athletes. You have made a difference to the future of the exercise industry and you are rewarded for your time and experience.

What does the program consist of?

The program consists of in-person practical learning within their designated facility. Our students will also be asked to complete our online learning modules designed to coincide with the practical components. Every week the students are delivered the following weeks worth of pre-requisite content. This covers 8 topics within the exercise industry which is essential for the success of a coach. Every coach will also be given an extra online module consisting of how to build your brand, a reputation and market their exercise business through the Australian Exercise Marketing Professionals, OnTrend Marketing. 


The internship is about learning and asking the right questions, at the right moments. Our EAA coaches are happy to answer any questions you may have as you shadow, participate or help lead their sessions. Interns will be asked to join in strength sessions to experience what their clients are feeling, they will be asked to write and prepare programs for our coaches and they will be actively engaging within their designated facility, or organisation.