What is the EAA Internship Program?

The EAA internship program is a progressive one of a kind model, designed for students to maximise their current placement opportunities at registered EAA organisations. The Internship program comprises a compulsory 8 week learning module designed by EAA educators including theoretical and practical based components. Students will be asked to complete set tasks through the duration of the internship which will be assessed by their mentor coach who will give feedback where necessary. All students will be required to sit the EAA student exam which will take place before and after the internship commences and closes. As part of the progressive development program, only students who pass the EAA student exam will be given EAA student accreditation.  

Throughout the internship, students will be challenged to think critically, showcase their coaching ability and assist their mentor coach through a range of day to day tasks and potentially complex situations. All coaches are aware that all EAA interns have applied for the EAA internship with the desire to improve their coaching ability, programming capabilities, quick thinking/ initiative, anatomical assessment skills, attention to detail, queuing & demonstrating and personable skills. These skills will be learnt in every internship with the ownership put on the students to develop themselves and take advantage of every opportunity. 

How is the EAA Internship Program different to other programs already on the market?

The EAA internship program is the perfect combination of theoretical and practical application of skills. It is completely tailored for students looking to advance their learning beyond university teachings and develop coaching and business skills as they transition into paid employment in the near future. The EAA internship teaches real world skills required to run a successful coaching business or become a valuable employee to any organiSation. 

The EAA internship program is different from others programs already on offer by the sheer volume of high quality and transparently applicable knowledge obtained to not only learn the skills of coaching but by learning how experienced and successful coaches have done it before. The art of coaching, personable skills, business sense and a sharp eye for detail are the biggest take homes for any EAA student looking to pursue an EAA  internship. 

Why is the Internship Program Paid?

The EAA internship is a paid program because the EAA pays your mentor coach to give each student a professional individualised learning experience. The EAA pays it’s markers, educators and administrators to ensure every internship is world class, progressive and specific to each student. This provides an incentive for EAA coaches to take on and develop students with the students best interest at heart, ensuring they grow on to be future industry leaders. 

A paid internship program circulates capital across the Exercise industry which creates long term financial assistance for small to medium businesses and exercise professionals. This financial incentive will be passed down to previous students who then decide to teach later in their career. By creating a network of mutual respect between students and coaches, we see an overall improvement in the standard of learning within the exercise industry, thus creating a sustainable thriving industry. 

EAA Internship Weekly Framework

EAA Internship Course Break Down.png
EAA Internship Course Break Down.png

The EAA internship program showcases 9 weeks of learning with 8 weeks of content to be assessed via a final exam. 

Throughout the entirety of the program, students will be actively engaged in practical learning, shadowing and coaching. After week 8 of the internship, all students are given an optional 4 weeks to continue coaching at their designated facility.  

If there is currently not an EAA Internship Provider in your area and you refer a professional leader to the program you will be rebated $50AUD from your total enrolment fee in the program.

How long is the EAA Internship?

The EAA internship program comprises an 8-week compulsory learning module that includes online and practical learning.

Students are then given a suggested optional 4 weeks to continue their internship with the goal to improve their coaching skills and provide valuable input to their designated organisation. 

Do Students need to complete minimum hours?

The EAA does not set a requirement for total hours to be completed, instead the EAA offers a suggestion of 120 hours split between the following categories. 

Theoretical Development: 20+ Hours 
Shadowing: 20+ Hours 
Assigned Practical Tasks : 10 hours
Assistant Coaching Hours: 50+ Hours
Lead Coaching Hours: 20+ hours

This recommendation is highly suggested for students to obtain the maximum knowledge and experience required to pass the EAA final student exam at the completion of the internship. The EAA does not apply a required set hourly learning period as EAA coaches understand that students will give their best efforts to ensure they pass the EAA exam. 

What is the vision for the program? 

The vision for EAA students is to experience unforgettable learning opportunities from experienced coaches. Students will walk away with great value, greater confidence in their coaching ability and real-time knowledge not taught in universities.

The vision for our coaches is to create an invaluable network and potential employee for your business. You have helped build a coach who is theoretically knowledgeable and practically capable to run consultations with your clients, patients and athletes. You have made a difference to the future of the exercise industry and you are rewarded for your time and experience. 

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The EAA Internship Program

For studying and emerging coaches to access the best level of support and guidance from industry leading professionals.

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