Why Join The Exercise Association of Australia?

  • There are many reasons why you should join the EAA. The EAA is limiting the financial burden of being an exercise professional. With decreased sign up and course costs, The EAA is levelling up education across Australia whilst ensuring financial sustainability is of priority. 

  • Being Australia's most practically equipped coaching community, all EAA coaches have access to Exercise Rehab insurance by Guard Insurance allowing them to lead private exercise rehab consultations for people suffering from a range of injuries and chronic conditions. (Terms and Conditions apply)

  •  The EAA hosts courses from some of Australia's most experienced and successful coaches and provides real practical content not taught in Universities. 

  • On Top of our Educational and financial benefits, all EAA members have access to incredible discounts from International leaders in the S&C field including but not limited to Vald, Musashi, Teambuildr, The Home Gym Guys and Evo Sport.

  • Becoming an EAA coach opens opportunities for coaches to become EAA educators. Educators are given the authority to create, develop and deliver EAA courses, projects and events, aiding the financial status of coaching.

  • EAA Coaches have exclusive access to paid Strength and Conditioning roles and opportunities.

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Exercise Industry Body

By Becoming a certified EAA Coach, you demonstrate to future employers and organisations that your level of experience and knowledge is of Australia's highest standard, creating trust and confidence in the organisation’s decision to hire. 

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EAA Membership Roadmap


Student Coach

Graduate Coach (1-3yrs)

Established Coach (3yrs + )

Student Placement Hours Recommendation 

Practical/Development Hours: Complete an EAA Internship or 30+ hours
Assistant Coaching Hours: 50+ hours
Lead Coaching Hours: 20+ hours

How can I join the EAA?

Joining the EAA requires the applying coach to successfully pass the EAA accreditation exam. This is a series of practical and theoretical questions aimed at testing the knowledge and experience of applying coaches. The EAA accreditation exam requires a 100% pass rate in order to be successful. Successful applicants will be sent their EAA accreditation certificate, access to all EAA benefits and will join the community of Australia's most practically qualified coaches.

Why does the exam require a 100% pass rate? 

The EAA standards are extremely high. In order to join the EAA a 100% pass rate is the minimum standard. 

Unsuccessful applicants are given feedback on their results and are given continued learning modules or further EAA courses which they are recommended to attend before re-applying. 

This ensures potential businesses, organisations and other coaches that their staff and colleagues are certified at the highest level. 

It also gives unsuccessful applicants a chance to improve their craft and create goals to improve. Our high standards will only improve the knowledge of our Australian coaches, allowing them to compete for high paying positions anywhere in the world. 

For Students & Studying Coaches

For Graduate & Established Coaches