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Become an EAA Certified PDP Educator

events, symposiums, workshops and round table discussions that innovate & inspire the exercise industry.

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Why Become An EAA Educator?

Join The Exercise Association of Australia.

Becoming an EAA educator demonstrates to the Australian coaching community that your expertise, knowledge, experience and results as a coach are recognised with Australia’s best. EAA educators are trusted to run EAA accredited courses and be endorsed by the EAA marketing and PR team. Not only does it add value to your personal reputation but to your entire facility.

EAA educators have access to many paid opportunities required by the EAA coaching department. Any paid work will be forwarded to EAA educators first. This may include, specific courses, paid internship programs, exam marking, sign up commissions or paid partnership opportunities.


All EAA educators will be promoted through social media channels and the EAA website with open promotional opportunities available upon request. 

By becoming an EAA educator, you are joining the EAA family. We are delighted at the opportunity to work with you and develop Australia's most distinguished educational platform, enhancing the capabilities of coaches around Australia and improving the standard of the Exercise industry. 

An EAA Educator is the highest level of qualification through the Exercise Association of Australia. EAA educators will be given first priority for paid opportunities for either themselves or their organisation and they have endless opportunities to work with the EAA to create new initiatives to improve the Exercise industry. 

EAA Educators have the authority to create EAA recognised PDP courses, they can apply for their organisation to host an EAA internship and they have access to many more EAA benefits, built to improve the financial sustainability of the Exercise industry. 


Become an Industry Leading Educator


Diversify Income Potential 


Build National & International Connections

EAA Educators Entitlements

Run and Build EAA PDP Certified Courses.


Promote courses to international audiences through PLAE Academy and the EAA platform & connections.


Accept invitational offers to events, symposiums, workshops and round table discussions.


Creating Jobs

The Exercise industry needs innovation.

The EAA is proud to announce the Exercise Job Building Plan. The aim of this program is to give a valuable financial boost to the Exercise industry and its coaches. This program will open greater opportunities and possibilities for EAA coaches to reach exponential networks and exposure through EAA channels, networking opportunities and events. 

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All EAA Educators Get Access to PLAE

Certified EAA Providers will have access to the PLAE Academy partnership allowing them to offer their courses online + playbacks on workshops & courses allowing Australian coaches to access an international platform and create a passive income stream. 

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EAA Educators are highly experienced coaches with distinguished results within their respective exercise field. They have demonstrated a superior level of understanding and practical applications with their clientele, organisation or within the Australian community. An EAA Educator must have a minimum of three years of experience within the field of Exercise and each application is evaluated individually to ensure a national standard of quality.

Why is the EAA focused on up-levelling the industry's education standards?


Improving the skills and education of Australian coaches upgrades the perception of the industry as a whole. By up-levelling the standard across Australia, coaches who do not advance themselves will be left behind in the crowd of mediocrity. The Australian public want quality assurance when it comes to their body, their results and their health. EAA certified coaches are the most practically equipped and trusted exercise professionals available to accept new clientele or patients.

Why is providing the industry with innovative education by industry leaders sustainable? 


The EAA is creating a pathway to diversify income amongst students, coaches and educators. Through the creation of the EAA educator pathway, coaches can strive for greater career progression, giving them the option to educate the coaches of the future. This pathway aims to improve the sustainability of coaching careers with goals to significantly reduce the dropout rate of Exercise professionals upon university completion. 


Do you need to be EAA certified to run EAA Approved Courses?


Only EAA educators and affiliate partners have the approval to run EAA certified courses. This provides quality assurance to all coaches and students looking to attend any EAA courses or workshops. This extends to all online learning platforms.