The EAA Coaching Definitions (updated)

EAA Exercise Scientists

EAA Exercise scientists are leaders in private practice, sporting organisations and commercial gyms. Our Exercise Scientists are trusted to work with athletes from amateur leagues to elite high-performance settings, professional teams or individually within private practice. (It is important to note that our EAA Accredited Exercise Scientists are not covered to work in AIS organisations.) They are capable of returning athletes to sport (upon physiotherapist clearance) by leading the exercise rehab program and can create individualised or group programs for general health, corporate, aged care, youth or any other healthy population. They work both in the gym and out in the field with great knowledge in strength training, gait and postural assessments, injury prevention, endurance and speed programming. They work holistically to solve problems and work with other allied health providers to achieve the patients/clients goals.

EAA Sports Scientists

EAA Sports Scientists are the EAA’s most qualified sporting professionals for a team or individual sports consisting of either para or able-bodied athletes. They are experts in strength and conditioning, periodisation, data analytics, return to sport exercise rehab and injury prevention programming.

They are the leaders in sports performance and are trusted to work with professional teams, or individually within private practice.

EAA Sports scientists are also qualified to control the high-performance sector of amateur and elite sports teams giving them the title of High-Performance Manager. (It is important to note that our EAA Accredited Exercise Scientists are not covered to work in AIS organisations.)

Besides sporting organisations, you may find Sports Scientists within private practice, endurance sports facilities, commercial gyms or within general health programs. They can work with individuals or groups of athletes, general healthy populations, data analytics, aged care, youth, exercise rehab clients and any other healthy populations.

EAA Recognised Exercise Physiologists

EAA Exercise Physiologists are highly qualified Allied Health Professionals who specialise in exercise delivery for chronic health, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions.

They have extensive knowledge in programming for complex injuries, disabilities, pre and postnatal exercise, youth, elderly and general health populations.

You can find Exercise Physiologists in hospitals, private practice, education, corporate businesses, fitness centres/gyms or within the sport.

Exercise Physiologists will work closely with other allied health professions to return patients back to work, sport and general life and they play a pivotal role in early exercise rehab interventions and injury prevention in either the workplace or sporting organisations.

(It is important to note that EAA Recognised Exercise Physiologists are not covered by Medicare and Government Rebate Schemes. To find more about our lobby progress click here.)