Progressive Development Program

What is the EAA’s Progressive Development Program (PDP)?

The EAA is terminating the points system for your education. It’s costly, hard to keep up with and it can place immense pressure on practitioners to maintain their expected level of continued education when most are working full time or 2-3 jobs! We understand the financial pressure that the majority of coaches will experience at one point in their career. The Progressive Development Program requires EAA coaches to attend 2x courses per year to prove continued education and upskilling within the field. 


Becoming EAA certified is a hard process in itself, we recognise that EAA accredited coaches demonstrate outstanding practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Courses within the Progressive Development Program are extensions to their already strong base of knowledge. It is due to our high standards of accreditation that we trust coaches will gain significant knowledge from 2 EAA accredited courses annually which also decreases the financial stress of continued learning.

What can you expect from the EAA Progressive Development Program?

The EAA and it’s coaches are working within the exercise field. They are hands-on, working with real clients, patients or athletes and they are producing incredible work.


Our Progressive Development Program is highly practical! The majority of our accredited courses are hands-on and created by some of Australia’s most experienced coaches.


You will be learning how our coaches program for their specific clientele, their coaching methods, what has worked and what hasn’t, their best exercises and techniques for specific cases, how to manage complex issues, how to work with mental health disorders, discuss how to effectively lead a sports organisation and so much more


We are taking a holistic approach to your learning.


Theoretical knowledge is an essential part of the job which can not be pushed aside. Our courses will have theoretical components however it is a prerequisite that prior reading is conducted before any course. We suggest coaches use their own initiative to study before an EAA course so our educators can spend more time out in the facility.