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Progressive Development Program

events, symposiums, workshops and round table discussions that innovate & inspire the exercise industry.

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What is the EAA’s Progressive Development Program (PDP)?

The EAA has developed the progressive development program as a new initiative to improve the sustainability and

financial viability of continued learning. The Progressive Development Program requires EAA coaches to attend

2x EAA certified courses per year to prove continued education and upskilling within the field. 
Successful EAA certified coaches are recognised for their industry-specific expertise, practical skills and theoretical knowledge within the field of Exercise and Sports Science. Due to the extensive skills required to become EAA certified, the EAA is confident that completion of 2x courses as part of the progressive development program is enough to stimulate critical thinking, enhance specific knowledge and improve practical applications. 

Courses within the Progressive Development Program are an extension to an EAA certified coach’s already strong base of knowledge and skillset. The EAA’s application standards allow certified courses to be progressive, innovative and above all, revolutionary for the Exercise world. 

What can you expect from the EAA Progressive Development Program?

The EAA and its coaches are working within the exercise field. They are hands-on, working with real clients, patients or athletes and they are producing Outstanding work.
Our Progressive Development Program is highly practical! The majority of our accredited courses are hands-on which are created by some of Australia’s most experienced coaches. Our courses include but are not limited to the following subjects:

  • Programming for Complex Cases and scenarios 

  • How to Run an Elite Strength and Conditioning Program

  • Rehabilitation through Exercise 

  • Chronic Pain

  • Sports Specific programming and Exercise Delivery 

  • Strength and Power Production

  • Injury Prevention Protocols

  • Women in Sport and the Menstrual Cycle 

  • Creating a sustainable Private Practice business 

  • Speed, Acceleration and Agility 

  • Field Sports Conditioning 

  • Complex Rehabilitation post Surgery 

  • Working with Patients with mental health disorders

  • Powerlifting 

  • Data Analytics and Sports Science 

  • Performance Testing and Programming

  • Creating Culture within a Sports environment 

  • Acute Injury Management 


All courses will utilise theoretical components with prerequisite reading required prior to most courses. We suggest coaches use their own initiative to study before an EAA course so EAA educators can utilise more time teaching advanced practical skills.