EAA Sports Club Development Fund

The Exercise Association of Australia aims to raise funds to support grassroots community sporting organisations with the aim of improving local facilities to build better and stronger athletes under the direct guidance of EAA Accredited coaches and experts.


Our Outcomes:

  • Increase paid opportunities for Australian EAA Accredited Coaches and Experts to close the gap between unpaid and paid opportunities for exercise professionals. 

  • Build stronger foundations for youth and emerging athletes teaching them movement efficiency and injury prevention skills and techniques.

  • Improve integration within strength and conditioning protocols and sporting team structures and training plans.


The Exercise Association of Australia aims to achieve these outcomes by the following strategy:


  1. Raising funds to support the EAA Sports Club Development Fund.

  2. Building Strength & Conditioning facilities at local grassroots sporting organisations and clubs.

  3. Hiring EAA Accredited Coaches and Professionals to support the sporting organisations athletes and teams via clinics, education, seminars, testing protocols and specific programming.