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Why was the EAA created? It was created because of the lack of support the exercise industry and its coaches receive. We are built by coaches who are working in the industry itself and understand what it takes to make incredible change.


We are building a better name for every incredible Australian Coach.


 The exercise industry is one of Australia's most undervalued and underappreciated lines of work but the people involved are passionate, hard-working and genuinely determined to make a difference. We are giving these coaches a platform to make improvements to the way Australian's value their coaching and the genuine benefits it has on every living person. We stand by the term that exercise is medicine, it is a huge player in our happiness, productivity, stress relief, physical and mental health and so much more and our exercise gurus are not compensated or recognised as they should be. 

Want to join our mission for improving the exercise industry? Now is the time to get involved in Australia's biggest exercise movement where we stand for change and strive for greater recognition of Australian Coaches. 


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